Sunil Rupasinha (1983)

Sunil was Called to the Bar in 1983. He has always specialised in criminal advocacy practising from central London Chambers for over 20 years. He has prosecuted and defended in the full range of criminal cases from common assault to murder. His ability was given official recognition when he was promoted to the ‘A’ list on the Attorney General’s list of Advocates.

As a direct access barrister Sunil has decided to use his experience for the benefit of motorists by setting up a niche road traffic defence practice. He understands the loss and devastation that can be caused by loss of licence and so has amassed a detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations applicable to motoring offences. This knowledge, combined with his skill and tenacity as an advocate, is employed to the full advantage of his clients.

If you are at risk of a disqualification through speeding, ‘totting’ (reaching 12 penalty points on your licence), or through any other motoring offence prosecution, and whether you wish to plead ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ Sunil has the specialised knowledge and experience of road traffic cases to obtain the best result your circumstances will allow.


Sunil can represent you if you are accused of any of the following:

Driving without due care and attention
Drink driving or drug driving offences / failure to provide specimens
Failing to stop or report an accident
Driving licence or insurance offences
Using a mobile phone
Any other road traffic related offences
If you have been convicted in a Magistrates’ Court and wish to appeal against conviction or sentence he can also represent you.

If you are pleading ‘Guilty’ Sunil specialises in avoiding driving bans especially in the following situations:

Speeding or ‘totting up’ (where you have reached 12 or more penalty points on your licence)
Where you are arguing that ‘special reasons’ exist
Any other road traffic matter

‘I can thoroughly recommend the services of Sunil Rupasinha if you are facing a driving disqualification. He provided an amazing service and got me off a six month driving ban that would have caused me personal and professional disaster. He knows the system back to front, is a reassuring support throughout the process and a brilliant advocate in court. I didn't know I was a "model citizen" until I heard Sunil's plea on my behalf based on the detailed "mitigation bundle" he helped me put together in my defence. I now have cause to thank Sunil every day that I am still driving (very carefully, of course!) Lucy McCarraher, Publisher and Author, Norwich, Norfolk.