Jeremy Dable (1987)
(Commercial, Insolvency & Negligence)

Jeremy specialises in professional negligence of: Solicitors; barristers; legal executives; paralegals in relation to property; construction and commercial transactions; conveyancing; landlord and tenant; easements; boundaries; covenants; failure to draw up wills leaving disappointed legatees and wrong advice and drafting in, finance, mortgages and consumer credit matters. Jeremy also attends to the partnership and director's indemnities and contributions which often precede or follow, together with procedures of interim injunctions and winding up applications where necessary and appropriate.

Other Professionals' Negligence: Architects, surveyors ,engineers and valuers in claims for missed defects, inflated valuations and certifications, catastrophic collapses.

Clinical Negligence

Detailed and specific experience of claims involving orthopaedic accidents, delays and misdiagnoses; failure to refer symptoms or diagnose cancers; catastrophic complications in heart bypass operations; failure to identify or treat post operative infections including MRSA; complications before, during and after birth for both mother and baby; complications of cosmetic surgery and adequacy of consent, implant complications and other medical products; delayed or misdiagnosis of meningitis and legionnaires disease; complications of vasectomies, hysterectomies, bladder and bowel functions; and a full range of dental negligence.

Financial irregularities and insolvency

Claims against IVA Supervisors, Administrators, Receivers and Trustees in Bankruptcy arising from claims for breach of contract or breaches of statutory duty in mishandling funds and assets.

Civil and commercial litigation

Property, construction and commercial disputes involving conveyancing; landlord and tenant; easements; boundaries; covenants; contractual disputes; sale of goods; franchises; commercial agency; partnership and directors' disputes; interim injunctions; winding up applications. Also high value personal injury including catastrophic injury and brain injury; specialist disease work; industrial disease litigation, RSI- WRULD, VWF, asbestosis, mesothelioma and occupational asthma, occupational dermatitis, NIHL and acoustic shock.

Jeremy enjoys helping fellow lawyers resolve their problem cases and particularly enjoys conferences with “misunderstood” if not downright difficult clients. Most conferences are now held in solicitors’ offices, or at the client’s home or office.

Jeremy understands the discretion required to look after the client, the firm and the sometimes anxious fee earner.


Advocacy in the full range of contested costs disputes.

Jeremy undoubtedly took the bull by the horns and brought the case to a triumphant conclusion. I will have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy in future cases. Dawn-Marie Nesbitt Minster Law