Do I have to instruct a solicitor first before engaging a barrister?
No - An accredited public access barrister can take instructions directly from you.

How do I know if I need a barrister, or whether a solicitor will be able to handle my legal needs?
We will advise you of your options and assess your legal need, taking account your ability to manage your own case and your specified budget.

Isn't a barrister more expensive than a solicitor?
No - Engaging a barrister directly can save you in excess of 50% of your total legal spend.

How can I keep control over what I spend?
You agree the fee in advance of the completed work which is secured by a letter of agreement (contract) with the barrister.

What does a barrister do?
Advocacy and Advice - represent your best interest and present, deliver and support your case in court. Advise on legal issues including reviewing contracts, company policies and contracts.

Can I speak to a barrister out of business hours?
Yes - We can arrange a convenient time to suit you.

Will I be billed for every minute of my barrister's time?
No - Fees are agreed in advance for specific items or blocks of work. The fee is based on the estimated time it will take but always agreed with you in advance.

Will you advise me when I might need a solicitor as well as or instead of a barrister?
Yes - If we feel you need the assistance of a solicitor your client manager and or your barrister will recommend a solicitor.

Can I choose my own barrister?
Yes - We guide you based on the information you provide us; considering the expertise, style and experience of the barrister we think you require, within your budget. You then choose who you want to work with/instruct.

How is it that a barrister can be half the cost of a solicitor?
They have lower overheads, passing on the saving to you the client, plus you will be able to assist with your case administration saving on unnecessary charges.

Can I get credit or arrange a payment plan?
Yes, we will connect you to Legal Cost Finance who are accredited by the BSB. You in effect pay no interest because this is deducted from the barristers fee.

What if I think I can get legal aid?
A barrister can only accept instructions funded by legal aid via a solicitor and NOT under direct public access. We will recommend a list of legal aid solicitors for you to meet and go through a legal aid application.