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Who We are

Quartz Legal is a bespoke, barrister led legal service, bringing together the very best lawyers who have specialised in their chosen fields of law for many years.

Our barristers are legal experts who's main role is to provide value to the client or their solicitor in a transparent and cost efficient way. Our staff are customer focused and are trained to assist SME's, large corporations and individual lay clients when deciding on the best style and expertise of lawyer within their specified budget. Each client is supported by their own clerking relationship manager who will assist and guide them through the administrative legal process. We utilise market leading technology and smarter working methods in order to deliver legal services more efficiently, speedily and cheaper than you would expect.

Our innovation blows the cob webs off the competition.

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Recent Statistics


- 38% of all UK SME's experience a ‘significant’ legal problem.
- Average cost equal to £6700.
- £100 billion cost of legal disputes.
- 91% of businesses are too afraid to seek professional legal advice.


- 49% of the UK population (22 million) experience at least 1 legal need.
- 44% of individuals seek professional advice.
- 42% took professional advice because they were forced to react to an incident.

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AboutHow it works

At Quartz we invert the traditional legal process and view the problem from the likely final position and work backwards in order to get the speediest resolution saving you time and money. Our cost infrastructure supports flexible working practices within our network of lawyers. We utilise secure online video technology and subscribe to the market leader in IT management, which enables our lawyers to work remotely with more flexibility and lower fixed costs.

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Legal Cost Finance provides users of legal services with a 'payment plan' option as a more convenient way to pay for their legal costs.


The IPdoxx document system is an easy to use, reliable and cost-effective way to create agreements that manage your everyday intellectual property needs.